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2-in-1 Introductory Digital Video Streaming Bundle (English UK and Chinese Simplified)

WINKtoLEARN 2-in-1 Introductory Learning Digital Video Streaming Series (English UK and Chinese Simplified) - Level 1 - All Lessons


This purchase allows your child to enjoy streaming the entire collection of Level 1 English (UK) and Chinese (Simplified) video series instantaneously after your checkout. Your child is able to enjoy this curriculum anytime, anywhere via any internet enabled device for 2 years from the purchase date.  The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but you may want a faster connection for improved video quality.  Want to see how it will look like on your device, try a lesson for FREE here!


This learning series is specially designed for young children from 6 months till 7 years using proven pedagogical learning methods. The entire series contains a total of 6 levels comprising of 8 topical lessons in each level per language. This series uses real images and brightly colored words accompanied by accurate pronunciation to facilitate effective learning.


Here are the lessons for this level:


Lesson 1: My Body - Hand, mouth, head, leg, eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, nose, hair.

This topic will emphasize on the physical parts of our body.


Lesson 2: Animals - Rabbit, cat, dog, chicken, duck, bird, cow, sheep, horse, pig.

This topic will emphasize on animals which are commonly seen and some often being kept as pets at home.


Lesson 3: Fruits - Grape, orange, pear, apple, strawberry, papaya, banana, kiwi fruit, watermelon, raspberry.

This topic will emphasize on the common types of fruits which are often eaten at home on a daily basis.


Lesson 4: Actions - Walk, run, crawl, jump, cry, laugh, eat, drink, stand, sit.

This topic will emphasize on simple actions taken from our everyday routine.


Lesson 5: Numbers - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

This topic will expose your child to recognize numbering and spelling of the basic foundation for counting using rubber duckies for fun learning.


Lesson 6: Nature - Fire, water, rain, sun, moon, star, flower, grass, tree, mountain.

This topic will emphasize on the fine things which nature has provided to mankind.


Lesson 7: My Family - Father, mother, elder brother, elder sister, younger brother, younger sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt.

This topic will emphasize on the terms given for each of the family members within one household.


Lesson 8: Personal Belongings - Clothes, shorts, shoe, sock, cap, ball, building block, jigsaw puzzle, doll, teddy bear.

This topic will emphasize on the simple items which most children would be fond of having.


Throughout this entire clip, the video is arranged in a manner whereby each real-life image is shown before the respective word with audio sounds accompanied to depict each scenes. It is similar to a flash card session between a parent and a child. Such a session enables your child to acquire the meaning and pronunciation of the word easily and effectively.


Recommended Pace:

Download a copy of our Parent's Guide which shares with you the proper daily lesson routine. Please refer to the downloadable guides from this link

Effective Learning:

It is highly recommended to complement this curriculum with our Digital Flash Cards Series. Check out our online storePlease note that as we move on to levels 5 and 6 in our curriculum, there is no corresponding series in our flashcards as we move on to phrases and sentence construction.


Savings in Space!

With our online digital streaming videos, you no longer have to worry about running our of disk space in your Ipads or Smartphones as these videos are not downloaded into your device. Instead, you can view your favorite WinktoLearn videos whenever you have an internet connection