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WINK to LEARN English Flash Cards - Intermediate Bundle

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This flash cards bundle contains 4 sets of WINKtoLEARN Flash Cards Intermediate series (Intermediate 1 to 4). Each set contains 40 A5 flash cards specially designed for effective flashing using 100% real life images and brightly coloured words. Free Finger Cover included for high-speed flashing.


Intermediate 1 Topics: Animals, Stationery & Shapes, Fruits & Odd Numbers.

Intermediate 2 Topics: Opposites, Personal Belongings, Modes of Transportation, Flowers.

Intermediate 3 Topics: Birds, Food, Flags & Countries, Marine Creatures.

Intermediate 4 Topics: Opposites, Things in the House, Places and Modes of Transportation.


Size of cards: 21 cm x 15 cm / 8" x 5"

Routine, Technique & Video Demonstration

The recommended pace is one topic, say "Animals" i.e. 20 cards (10 pictures and 10 words), to be flashed at least 2 times a day. The duration for each topic is 3-5 days depends on your child's interest. At time progresses, it is necessary to repeat previously taught topics at least twice a week as this acts as a great revision for your child.

This will make up levels 3 and 4 of our Speak and Read English Curriculum. Highly recommended to complement these flash cards with the Speak & Read DVDs program (which will include all 6 levels of the curriculum)


Step 1

Insert the rubber finger cover into your thumb for high-speed flashing.


Step 2

Refer to the small word at the bottom left of the card. It refers to the word/picture on the reverse side of the card.

Step 3

Flash the card from back to front and read the small word out loud as you do so. Flash the picture card first, follow by the word card.

Step 4

Repeat the process for the remaining cards. The cards are printed two-sided, once done on one side, flip to the reverse side and repeat the same process. Arrange the cards accordingly to the serial number on the bottom right of the card.