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SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 1)

The first-ever flashcard-inspired Chinese Children Songs in DVDs - your child can now learn new Chinese words in a fun and entertaining way. SING to LEARN Chinese DVD Series (Vol. 1, 2 and 3) helps your child to speak and read more than 1000 Chinese words through a compilation of 66 songs. It's a wonderful blend between words flashcard, videos, real pictures and catchy Chinese children songs. Before each song, your child will be exposed to a short flash-cards lesson, introducing them to the key-words in the song!

This is volume 1 of the popular Sing to Learn Chinese DVD series. This flashcard-style Chinese children songs DVD can help your child recognize more than 500 words through 23 catchy children's songs that feature on screen flashcards, high quality pictures, and real-life videos. This DVD provides 40 minutes of songs and fun that will sure to be enjoyed over and over again.

This is an all-region DVD.

SING to LEARN Chinese DVD for children age: 0-10

Sing To Learn Chinese Volume 1 Titles:

1 当我们同在一起

2 捕鱼歌

3 妹妹背着洋娃娃

4 握紧拳头

5 溜滑梯

6 火车快飞

7 丑小鸭

8 小小姑娘

9 小星星

10 下雨天

11 造飞机

12 蝴蝶

13 十个小孩子

14 一个拇指动一动

15 三轮车

16 大象

17 我愿做个好小孩

18 我的朋友在哪里?

19 头儿肩膀膝脚趾

20 我爱乡村

21 两只老虎

22 生日快乐

23 放学歌