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Speech & Drama Online Digital Streaming Video (Traditonal Chinese)

Speech & Drama Digital Streaming Video Bundle (Traditional Chinese)

Help your child to read more than 800 words and also speak proper Mandarin confidently. This program contains lessons in Traditonal Chinese.

In order to help your child to recognise words faster, the words shown in all the videos are big and brightly coloured. As your child is enjoying the video, he/she is also reading the 800 words taught in this Digital Streaming Series.  After watching the story video for a few times, allow your child to role-play by reducing the audio volume. This allows children, parents and educators to take up different roles like caterpillar, tortoise, squirrel and etc. This interactive and innovative way of learning definitely helps your child in his/her ability to master Chinese from young.

This purchase allows your child to enjoy streaming our collection of Speech & Drama Digital Videos (Simplified Chinese) online instantaneously after your checkout. You can select from the top right hand corner, individual levels 1, 2 or 3 or the entire bundle of all 3 of them.  Your child is able to enjoy this series anytime, anywhere via any internet enabled device for 2 years from the purchase date. The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but you may want a faster connection for improved video quality.  Want to see how it will look like on your device, try a lesson for FREE here!


Savings in Space!

With our online digital streaming videos, you no longer has to worry about running out of disk space in your Ipads or Smartphones as these videos are not downloaded into your device. Instead you can view your favorite WinktoLearn videos whenever you have an internet connection!

Note that our digital video streaming products are not viewable in China, Indonesia and Turkey.

Level 1

1) 糊涂虫

2) 可爱的小鲸鱼

3) 懒惰猫

4) 想飞的乌龟

5) 小乌龟找家

6) 这是我的家


Level 2

1) 大力士赛跑

2) 蚂蚁的眼光

3) 铅笔逃难

4) 乌龟蜗牛赛跑

5) 小闹钟的故事

6) 小鸦鸦追飞机


Level 3

1) 冰天雪地里的故事

2) 大象减肥

3) 动物美容院

4) 呱呱小鸭

5) 可爱的小飞机

6) 没有头脑的大力士

7) 小松鼠, 别怕!

8) 早起的鸟儿有虫

9) 风的故事



Licensing Restrictions

Please note that you will not be able to download the streaming videos to your internet enabled device due to licensing restrictions.