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SING to LEARN English Online Digital Video Streaming Series

Sing to Learn Online Digital Video Streaming Series (English)

This purchase allows your child to enjoy streaming our collection of Sing to Learn Digital Videos (English) online  instantaneously after your checkout. You can select from the top right hand corner, individual volumes 1, 2 or 3 or the entire bundle of all 3 of them.  Your child is able to enjoy this series anytime, anywhere via any internet enabled device for 2 years from the purchase date. The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but you may want a faster connection for improved video quality.  Want to see how it will look like on your device, try a lesson for FREE here!

The first-ever flashcard-inspired English Children Songs in Digital Streaming Format - your child can now learn new English words in a fun and entertaining way. SING to LEARN English Digital Streaming Video Series (Volumes 1, 2 and 3) helps your child to speak and read more than 1000 English words through a compilation of 51 songs. It's a wonderful blend between words flashcard, videos, real pictures and catchy English children songs. Before each song, your child will be exposed to a short flash-cards lesson, introducing them to the key-words in the song!

Savings in Space!

With our online digital streaming videos, you no longer has to worry about running out of disk space in your Ipads or Smartphones as these videos are not downloaded into your device. Instead you can view your favorite WinktoLearn videos whenever you have an internet connection!

Sing To Learn English Volume 1 Titles:

1) Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
2) Hands On Hips
3) Old Macdonalds
4) Tommy Thumbs
5) I Had A Little Nut Tree
6) Ten Green Bottles
7) See Saw Margery Daw
8) Dance To Your Daddy
9) Little Boy Blue
10) Ring A Ring A Roses
11) Five Little Ducks
12) Here We Go The Lobby Loo
13) Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
14) Five Little Monkeys


Sing To Learn English Volume 2 Titles:

1) Where Is Thumbkin?
2) Girls And Boys Come Out To Play
3) London Bridge Is Falling Down
4) One Finger One Thumb
5) Open Shut Them
6) The Farmer In His Den
7) Five Fat Sausages
8) One Two Three Four Five
9) Round And Round The Garden
10) Pat A Cake
11) If You Are Happy And You Know It
12) Ten In A Bed
13) Aiken Drum
14) Little Jack Horner
15) Incy Wincy Spider


Sing To Learn English Volume 3 Titles:
1) Donkey Riding
2) Five Little Bears
3) Five Little Ducks
4) Five Speckled Frogs
5) Goosey Goosey Gander
6) Hey Diddle Diddle
7) Hickory Dickory Dock
8) Incy Wincy Spider
9) Little Bo Peep
10) Little Boy Blue
11) Little Topsy Rabbit
12) Mary Had A Little Lamb
13) My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
14) Old Macdonald
15) One Two Three Four Five
16) Pussy Cat Pussy Cat
17) Rider A Cock Horse
18) Sing A Song Of Sixpense
19) The Animals Went In Two By Two
20) The Carrion Crow
21) This Old Man
22) Three Blind Mice