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This DVD series helps your child to learn more than 600 encyclopedic facts on animals and birds from Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park. Singapore Zoo is one of the World's Best Zoos rated by

It also helps your child to have fun in language learning through animals and hence introduces more than 800 words & phrases.


Do you know? Giraffes sleep less than 4 hours a day! The pelican's pouch is able to contain 40 cans of soft-drinks! Only 1 out of 10,000 tiger is white!


English DVDs

Chinese DVDs


(each DVD contains separate lessons

for Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

African Safari 非洲原野 (African Safari)
Threatened Species 瀕危動物(Threatened Species)
Amazing Rainforest 奇特的雨林 (Amazing Rainforest)
Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles

澳洲野生動物 & 亞洲爬行動物

(Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles)

Jungle Feathers 丛林之羽 (Jungle Feathers)
Wetland Wings 濕地之翼(Wetland Wings)

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