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Story Video Script: Level 1 (English Translation)

The Silly Caterpillar / 糊涂虫

Once upon a time, there lived a Mr. Caterpillar. He hated studying, he hated learning, and all he wanted to do all day was to crawl around. One day, Mr. Caterpillar met a lion, and so he greeted, “Hi there, Miss Lion, how do you do?” Immediately, the lion let a frightening roar, “Miss Lion? Who do you think you’re calling? I’m a male. You should call me Mr. Lion!” “Oh dear! I’m so sorry,” said Mr. Caterpillar. He bowed his head in shame and walked away. While on his way, he met yet another animal. “Hi there, are you Miss Cat, or Mr. Cat?” He asked. “Miss Cat or Mr. Cat? What nonsense! Me, a cat? I am a tiger!” growled the tiger angrily. “Oh dear! I’m so sorry,” said Mr. Caterpillar. He hung his head low and hurriedly backed away. Just then, a little bird flew past. Mr. Caterpillar was so excited, he exclaimed, “Look! A flying chicken!” The little bird laughed, “Silly Mr. Caterpillar! I’m not a chicken, I’m a bird! Only birds can fly!" Poor Mr. Caterpillar! He blushed. From then on, he hid away, too embarrassed to see anyone. One day, Mr. Caterpillar realized that his body had changed. He could even fly! “Hey! I can fly now! Wow! Am I a bird?” A bee passing by overheard him and grinned, “You’re not a bird, silly. You’re a butterfly!” “A butterfly?” He looked again at his own body. “Oh yes! This is a butterfly! Oh dear, where did I go? I’ve lost myself!” Upon hearing that, wise old Mr. Owl was so amused he laughed until his glasses fell off!

The Cute Little Whale / 可爱的小鲸鱼

It was a beautiful day and a group of baby whales were frolicking in the sea. Suddenly, they spotted a little boat in the distance! Silently and secretly, they swam over until they were directly under the boat. “On the count of three! One, two, three!” And water jets spouted out of their blowholes, propelling the little boat up into the air! “This is fun! Let’s do it again!” The baby whales were simply delighted! The poor sailors on the boat though, were nearly frightened to death. Eventually, the baby whales were exhausted and returned home, tired but happy. When Mama Whale found out about it, she was very angry and gave them a good scolding. From then on, they were not allowed to disturb the sailors. One day, the baby whales went missing again. Mama Whale was so worried she swam around searching for them. Just when she had reached the water surface, she saw clouds of smoke billowing! Oh no! Were her babies in danger? Frantically, she swam over. Just then, she saw jets of water spewed towards the ship on fire. Her babies were helping to put out the fire! Immediately, Mama Whale joined them, helping to put out the flames. Finally, the fire was put out and the sailors heaved a big sigh of relief! But they soon found out the engine had been damaged, and the boat could not sail. Oh dear! “No problem! We can help!” said Mama Whale. Together with her babies, they used all their might to push the ship to the shore. “Hurray! What a good job!” shouted the sailors. “Thank you so much!” Mama Whale praised her baby whales too, “Well done! This time you have done the right thing!” And happily, the baby whales returned with their mother to the deeps of the sea.

The Lazy Cat / 懒惰猫

Mimi was a lazy cat. She hated working, all she wanted to do was to sleep, sleep, and sleep. One day, her owner made a lovely and delicious cake. “Mimi, I am going out for awhile. Watch over the cake for me, and remember, do NOT let the mice eat the cake!” ordered her owner. Mimi was very unhappy. She had wanted to have a good nap, but now… And so, she thought of a brilliant plan! She drew a cat on a piece of a paper, cut it out, and placed it beside the cake. “Aha! When the mice see the picture of the cat, they’ll be scared away!” Mimi said smugly. “Now I can go and enjoy my nap!” At the start, she paid close attention to the cake, but when she saw that there were no mice, she fell into a deep sleep and dreamed. Just when she got to the nicest part of her dream, she was rudely awakened by a shout from her owner. “My cake! Where is my cake?!” Alarmed, Mimi jumped up from her bed and asked, “Isn’t the cake where you left it?” “What? Look at this! It’s just a drawing of a cake!” Mimi was confused. How did the cake become just a drawing? Where had it gone? A few steps away, in a little hole, a few mice were feasting on the cake. “Oh my, how delicious it is!” “Haha! Mimi think she’s the only one who knows how to draw. She forgot that we know how to draw too, and better!” laughed a mouse. Poor lazy Mimi! She was chased out of the house by her owner, and now she can only wander around the roadside, begging for scraps.

The Dreamy Tortoise / 想飞的乌龟

A little tortoise was always staring up at the beautiful sky. He thought wistfully, “If only I could fly! That would be wonderful!” He decided to find the raven. “Hi Raven, can you teach me how to fly?” “But you have no wings! How can you fly?” asked the raven. “Can you lend me your wings?” The little tortoise asked, full of hope. The raven burst into laughter. “I was born with them! How can I lend them to you?” The little tortoise was undaunted and went to find the eagle instead. The eagle, seeing how excited he was, promised to help him. Thinking hard, the eagle found a stick and told the little tortoise, “My friend and I will hold on to the two ends of the stick, and you can bite the middle. This way, we can bring you into the sky!” “But remember, you must NOT speak at all while flying!” The eagle reminded him again and again. “No problem!” The little tortoise said excitedly. “Hurry, let’s fly now!” Immediately, they took off. How amazing! The little tortoise was actually up in the sky! In his joy, he shouted, “Hurray! I am the FIRST tortoise in the world to fly!” But as his mouth opened, he fell down from the sky! And these words ended up becoming his last. What do you think of the little tortoise, boys and girls?

Where Is My Home? / 小乌龟找家

One day, a little tortoise thought of finding his house. “Excuse me, is this my house?” “No, this is Mr. Mouse’s house.” “Hi there, is this my house?” “No, this is Mr. Dog’s house.” “Hmm.. Is my house up on the tree?” “No, that is Miss Bird’s house.” “Knock knock, is this my house?” “No, this is Mrs. Bee’s house.” “Oh dear. I can’t seem to find my house. Where IS it?” The poor tortoise asked a passing snail. He felt so very lost. The snail laughed, “Why don’t you look at what you’re carrying on your back?” “What? This shell is my house?” “Yes! You and me, we carry our houses everywhere we go,” answered the snail patiently. “That’s great! I finally found my house!” The little tortoise was so delighted he invited the snail to his house immediately. “Hi Mr. Snail, welcome to my house!” And so, from then on, the little tortoise carried his friend Mr. Snail everywhere as they talked and laughed together. They were as happy as can be.

This Is My Home / 这是我的家

Mimi often made her owner angry, and one day, she was chased out of the house. But she wasn’t sad! In fact, she quite liked the outside world. She was able to play with so many other animals and she was thrilled. When night-time finally arrived though, she began to feel afraid. Where would she spend the night? Ah! In front of her was a small house, and she decided to stay there for the night. “Hey! This is my house!” said a dog, poking his head out. “This place is too small for the two of us, you can’t stay here.” Mimi could only continue her search. Ah! There was a burrow ahead, perhaps she could stay there. “Hey! This is my house!” said the bunny in the burrow. “Our entire family stays here, so no other animals are allowed in!” Oh dear! Mimi started to panic. Just then, she noticed a nest on the tree, and set her heart on staying there. “Hey! This is my house!” chirped a bird, fluttering her wings. “My nest is so small, you’ll ruin it!” Poor Mimi was disheartened. Hungry and cold, she decided to return to her owner’s house. Even sleeping at the door would be better than anything. How strange! Why were the windows wide open? She wondered as she reached the place. Usually they would be tightly shut. Mimi jumped through the window into the house. Ah! To her surprise, there was a plate of her favourite food on the floor! After gorging herself full, she padded over to her bed and fell asleep. She thought to herself, “Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up early and sneak out so the owner won’t realize I’ve been here!” But not long after she had closed her eyes, she felt a blanket being placed over her.

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