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Animal Encyclopedic DVD: Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles (Chinese)

Introduce your kids to the exotic fauna of Asia and Australia with Wink to Learn’s Australian Wildlife / Asian Reptiles DVD! It features up to 150 easy-to-learn words and phrases, accompanied by dazzling live-action videos shot at the world-famous Singapore Zoo. Your kids will surely enjoy learning about emus, cobras, cassowaries, and other animals! Give your kids a fun, educational experience with the Wink to Learn series. Do you know with one blow, a cassowary can kill a man with its deadly toenails!

This is an excellent Chinese DVD program for young children to learn more than 100 encyclopedic facts about Australian wildlife and Asian reptiles, and learn more than 150 Chinese words and phrases. Your child will enjoy real-life animal videos, captivating animal photos, interesting facts through animation, real animal sounds, and lively music.

Asian Reptiles: Featured Animals
Leopard Gecko, Green Tree Python, Burmese Rock Python, Indian Star Tortoise, Shore Pit Viper, Reticulated Python, Mangrove Snake, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, False Gavial, Indopacific Crocodile, Bearded Dragon, Black Spitting Cobra, Malayan Flat Shell Turtle, Black Marsh Turtle, New Guinea Fly-river Turtle

Australian Wildlife: Featured Animals
Agile Wallaby, Eastern Gray Kangaroo, Cassowary, Emu, Frill-Necked Lizard, Shingle-backed Skink, Blue-tongued Skink

This is an all region DVD, and contains both Simplified & Traditional Chinese versions. It is about 40 minutes.

WINKtoLEARN Animal Series DVD for children age: 2-12.


Animal Encyclopedic DVD: Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles (Simplified Chinese)

Animal Encyclopedic DVD: Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles (Traditional Chinese)