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Learn Chinese Flash Cards & DVDs Basic Bundle

This bundle contains:

(1) WINK to LEARN: Speak & Read Chinese 6-DVDs Full Set,

(2) 4 Sets of WINK to LEARN Chinese (Simiplified) Flash Cards (Beginner Sets 1,2,3 & 4)

Please note that the above Speak & Read Set will come in their own sleek black Multi-DVD casing and comes with a free Parents' Usage Guidebook

DOWNLOAD: Parents' Guide/DVD Contents

WINK to LEARN Flashcard programs have perfected the flashcard techniques using DVDs. Accurate voice pronunciation is critical for such families.  These DVD programs took into consideration the important variables of an effective flashcard system fused with accurate voice pronunciation. It innovates further by using bright colours on Chinese radicals and English syllables which helps your child to learn to read 25% faster!

Speak and Read DVD Flashcard lessons are short (only 5 minutes per lesson) and topical. Just by watching 1 to 2 lessons a day over a period of 6 months, your child is able to recognize more than 500 words and hence moves on to storybooks and more! This DVD set is a great complement to the WINK to LEARN Flash Cards set.


Lesson on Actions in Simplified Chinese (Level 1)

Lesson on Actions in Traditional Chinese (Level 1)
Lesson on 反义词 / Opposites in Simplified Chinese (Level 5)
Lesson on 反义词 / Opposites in Traditional Chinese (Level 5)
Lesson on 自我介绍 / Self-Introduction in Simplified Chinese (Level 5)
Lesson on 自我介绍 / Self-Introduction in Traditional Chinese (Level 5)