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WINKtoLEARN French Digital Flash Cards - Beginner 1 - Actions (FREE Trial Pack)


WINKtoLEARN French Digital Flash Cards - Actions (Beginner 1)


This digital pack of flashcards contains 100% real images and brightly colored words for greater fun learning with just a click or a swipe. The contents of this pack of digital cards are as follows: walk, run, crawl, jump, cry, laugh, eat, drink, stand, sit.

This topic will emphasize on simple actions taken from our everyday routine.

This pack of cards is arranged in a manner whereby each real-life image is shown before the respective word. This sequence enables your child to acquire the meaning of the word easily using the real-life image.



Recommended Pace:

- To be flashed at least 2 times a day. Take a look at the demonstration video clip below.

- The duration for each pack of digital flashcards is 3-5 days depends on your child's interest.

As time progresses, it is necessary to repeat previously taught topics at least twice a week as this acts as a great revision for your child.



Effective Learning:

It is highly recommended to complement these digital flash cards with our Speak & Read French DVDs program.