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WINK to LEARN Animal DVD- Amazing Rainforest


This DVD helps your child to learn more than 100 encyclopedic facts and hence

learn at least 150 words & phrases through the animals in Singapore Zoo.



Singapore Zoo - One of the World's Best Zoos (By Forbes)


Featured Animals

Black Howler Monkey, Malayan Sun Bear, Golden-Handed Tamarin,

Linne's Two-Toed Sloth, Siamang, Leopard Cat, White-Handed Gibbon,

Kinkajou, White-Faced Saki Monkey, Malayan Porcupine,

Brown-Headed Spider Monkey, Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel, Mandrills,

Spotted Mousedeer, Common Squirrel Monkey, Large Flying Fox,

Brown Capuchin, Ring-Tailed Lemur


Malayan Sunbear

Do you know? Malayan sunbear is the smallest among all bears!